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Welcome to the

back room.



Here we can privatley discuss any plans you have in mind.


We know your art is something you're proud of and enjoy displaying, but not everyone needs to know your investment plans.


Private sales are private for a reason. We know you're busy and don't have the time to take questions from every curious collector out there, and you didn't get that security system just to parade strangers through the house.  


We can network your piece privately, 

and handle the paperwork through full transaction with ease. 


leroy neiman for sale

LeRoy Neiman

in the VAULT

Our Brokerage Services 


These transactions often, but not always, require Non Disclosure agreements, Escrow holdings, secure transportation services and more. We are here to help, making the process of procurement and divestiture as simple and effortless for both parties as possible.


Many pieces sit, un-admired or un-appreciated simply because the owner doesn't want the hassle. Let's discuss your needs. It's not as hard as you may think to work through a trusted broker/agent. Call today to discuss your needs.

Blue Chip Procurement and Divestiture (sales and consignments).


Private Sales on a confidential basis. We work towards finding blue chip pieces (Dali, Picasso, Chagall, Warhol, etc.) for your collection, or finding a buyer for your Blue Chip work. Inquire privately. 

Secondary Market Consignment Services 


Consignment of secondary market collectible Fine Art. You have a piece to divest of and would like to find a buyer. We can help. It may not be a Blue Chip work, but you know it has value, maybe a regional artist who had a big following in the area. Register the work with the Wolf, we bring the buyers. 



Our consignment, trading, and brokerage services have varying degrees of privacy. Confidentiality is assured, as are the logistics and management of creating a smooth transaction.

"I Own Some Art Work I'm Thinking of Selling"

"I Like Some Art Work I'm Thinking of Buying"

Shoot us a brief email

with a little bit about what you have in mind. 


ie "I have a signed Warhol print I am thinking about selling." 


"Find me a Basquiat."


Let us know your location, and your preferred method of contact. Inquiries are confidential as is your email or other contact information. We do not sell, rent, or divulge anything to any third parties. Your communication is strictly between you and The Wolf.  


We'll get back with you personally shortly.

"I own some art work I'm thinking of selling."


We would like to see your images. Please Email attachments here or to


Let us know a little about the piece and we will reply with next steps.


"I like some art work I'm thinking of buying."


You're in the right place. If you saw a piece on our site, or you have something you would like us to find, just let us know.


Call or email with your interest.


Peek at The Vault

For Privately listed work available through The Wolf Fine Art

Typically there are no up front fees for the majority of our brokerage services,

if we are successful in negotiating the transaction. our percentage is fair and standard. 

Our reply will include details.

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