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L.A. Up and Coming Young Artist...

" Do Your Thing"

Jennifer Verge    mixed urban pop


Jennifer Verge is a Canadian born artist with a unique urban industrial pop art style that incorporates mixed media and powerful messages.  Jennifer's creative techniques and originality have made her a renowned up-and-coming artist world wide.  Her artwork is featured in many notable collections from around the world: USA, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands,China, Australia and Germany.


  Jennifer's training comes from a combination of studying under other established artists and more predominantly, self taught experimentation.   Jennifer draws inspiration from an extensive list of accomplished artists, such as:   Frida Kahlo, Lourenco Didier, Joanne Corno, Andy Warhol and Banksy.  Jennifer's passion for art lead her to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an artist.


  Jennifer has successfully developed her own signature style by combining elements such as reclaimed wood, stain, metal, plaster, found objects,  mixed with her love of using power tools. 


 Jennifer wants her art to affect people on a visceral level.   This is what she feels makes the art experience exciting.​

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