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Wayne Chang




As an artist, Wayne has been focusing on the urban landscape and its impact on the human condition.

His recent body of work began when he moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and found himself in a love-hate relationship with the city. He had realized Los Angeles's profoundly stark contrasts - wealth and poverty, sun and smog, natural and synthetic, crowded and alone. He creates a narrative by combining familiar images of everyday life in an unnatural way and playing with viewers' expectations.

Born and raised in East Village, New York City, Wayne began painting at an early age, painting

the most obvious subject around him - the city. His emphasis on photorealism and beauty was always coupled with his affinity for irony and irreverence.


As a self taught painter, Wayne studied and found inspiration from a wide range of artists including Michelangelo, Rene Magritte, Norman Rockwell, and Frank Frazetta. Although, he

began pursuing other interests in 2005, studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

and focusing on digital media and product design, he traveled for several years and continued

painting cityscapes when he could.


Fortunately, his new life in Los Angeles has allowed him to devote more time to painting, as he continues to attract collectors and gallery owners around the country. 




2014 - Jeanie Madsen Gallery, Santa Monica

2014 - Exact Science Gallery, Hollywood

2013 - Brewery ArtWalk, Los Angeles

2012 - LaMe Project, Los Angeles

2012 - Ginger Gallery, Los Angeles

2011 - 33 Rooms 2012, Sherman Oaks

2007 - IBY Inc, Santa Monica

2006 - Spider House, Austin

2005 - Nestoria Design

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