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Otis School of Design


This guy was scaling fish with a device made with bottle caps. I found it ingenious.


He not only scaled my fish for me, he gave me a great shot.

Justin Scott          photography

Justin Scott, La Jolla, California.


Justin is an amateur photographer, which only means he makes a living selling software. His true passion in traveling the world, which he does on a constant basis, capturing great images along the way. 


He shoots both film and digital with an SLR and plays with Lomography. He studies photography and digital photography at Otis School of Design in Los Angeles, after Graduating from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. 


Scott has been in Southern Californial for ten years after living in Chicago. He has lived between Los Angeles and San Diego and is currently on the beach in La Jolla at the famous Windansea surf break. 


International tarvel is by far his greatest pursuit, shooting countless countries around the globe. As an outdoor recreationalist he enjoys the water around lakes and beaches, and snow boarding in the mountains.



 "I focus a lot on composition with my work, and I'm sensitive to images and scenes that have a natural artistic value that I can capitalize on; elements like patterns, repetition, and obviously color."


"Having been around the world, to some really different places, I gravitate towards what makes an area or a scene really unique. The similarities in people and cultures start to run together. We all like music, food, family and frineds, sharing smiles and laughter. The food and clothing styles are always different, but people are people, wherever you go. Like any good traveler, I rely on locals for good tips, and somehow everyone can tell you what makes their country or town or village unique. I still look at things from the perspective of a Midwesterner or a kid from Kentucky and that gives me a natural instinct for the exciting discoveries that make you go "Wow, well that's something you don't see everyday". I think those things always stick with us. As a seasoned traveler, I also gravitate towrds those things that can only be found in whatever region I am in."


"Having said that, these days I'm more compelled to try and reflect the culture of the people- as an ambasador of my hosts in some small way. It's great to get behind the scenes, and really get the images of a "traveler" and not " the tourist shots" that a million people before and after me will take. "


"Overall, a steady goal I have with my work, aside from the technical aspects, is to convey a feeling. Sometimes it's a party-like atmosphere, travel is of course hectic and phrenetic, as is life, but I enjoy making pictures that give the viewer a moment of peace and serenity, as well as, when possible, a touch of majestic awe and wonder. I stive to make good art."


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