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June 1, 2016                                                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact: Chuck Wolf, The Wolf Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA 310-890-5428


The Wolf Fine Art teams up for the environment with FUNNY ZOO

A six-month public art exhibition on the streets of Los Angeles.


Los Angeles, California


If you happen to see a life-sized rhinoceros with golden horns, coated in one thousand real one-dollar bills on the streets of L.A. don’t be alarmed. The rhino is a sculpture called Rhinos Don’t Grow on Trees, by L.A. urban artist, MIDAS that is part of a six-month exhibition titled Funny Zoo L.A.


Beginning mid June, Malibu-based, Funny Zoo, will be placing life-sized wildlife animal sculptures around Los Angeles, from Venice and Malibu to Beverley Hills and Hollywood to call attention to endangered wildlife and the environment. Animals include, pandas and polar bears, dolphins, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, horses and more. Each playfully hand-painted by L.A. artists.  The event culminates in a black tie gala auction in December, benefiting California Wildlife Center, the group known for rescuing sick and stranded sea lion pups along the California coast.


“You can see a lot of strange things in L.A., yet people tend to notice a money-covered rhino, or a fashionable 10-foot tall giraffe dressed in purple polka dots and pearls (by well-known street artist, Punk Me Tender). I jumped at the chance to help out by recruiting artists to paint,  and collectors to sponsor these full-scale sculptures. Funny Zoo also gave me the ability to sell the sculptures outright before the auction to my clients.” Says dealer/curator Chuck Wolf of L.A.’s The Wolf Fine Art.


Funny Zoo's founders, Bernard Scoffié & Jean-Fabrice Brunel, are devoted animal lovers. Scoffié is Vice President of  ''30 Millions D'Amis'' animal foundation. Both have extensive backgrounds in event planning through their Malibu-based company, French Pacific Events, they successfully debuted Funny Zoo in Marseille. “It’s been our dream to bring this exhibition to the United States” says Scoffié, whose dream has come true with a June 2016 launch date set for Malibu.


Scoffié points out that “Our underlying idea is to get wildlife out of the captivity of zoos and free them to the public streets where their playful, imaginative, stand-ins can be safely introduced to the public in an exciting, up-close and personally engaging encounter.”


“As a dealer I thought the price for the sculptures was very reasonable, but my greater interest is in the opportunity to contribute to promoting the combination of causes I personally care about: the art and artists, animal welfare, and the environment. Plus it’s a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to see the next pieces created.” Says Wolf.


Prior to launching the exhibit, life-sized wildlife sculptures like kangaroos, lions, tigers, dolphins and rhinos have made appearances at Venice boardwalk, and the Venice Art Crawl. In February young visitors to the Zimmer Museum for Children painted a polar bear as part of Funny Zoo’s educational Initiative, an innovative way for children, students, and the general public to learn about endangered species conservation, biodiversity and art. A free educational kit for teachers and students will be distributed which include information, photos and other data that teachers may incorporate into their curriculum, appropriate for classes ranging between sciences and the arts.


The cash-coated rhino with the golden horns has also exhibited at the new L.A. Animal History Museum. “I curated “Live From Burbank” for the museum in April, and the MIDAS work was our center piece for the show.” Says Wolf. “They drove this huge rhino, uncovered in the back of a pickup on the L.A. freeways from Malibu to Burbank in the spitting rain and said people kept slowing down to look. That’s the kind of curiosity and awe that art is supposed to evoke.”


“For our sponsors and collectors” says Wolf, “there will also be a full-color catalog of the exhibit, crediting both artist and owner. Each sculpture is exhibited with a custom plaque bearing the names of both. We do a cocktail reception for the artist’s unveiling at the sponsor location or collector’s house prior to public placement, and in the end auctioning is optional…so another unique perk of sponsorship, aside from the French food and wine is that you actually own the piece of artwork. Anyone can get involved, we have individuals to international brands at this point, and there are six months to get in on Funny Zoo L.A., so you can add an animal at anytime.”

Visit for details.


For artist and sponsor opportunities, contact Chuck Wolf, fine art dealer and curator, The Wolf Fine Art- Los Angeles, at
















LOS ANGELES, CA, March 26, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- 5-9 PM on both Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th
Animal History Museum
Burbank Town Center
201 E. Magnolia Blvd., Suite 296
Burbank, CA 91502

Chuck Wolf of the Wolf Fine Art -Los Angeles,
to curate the premier art exhibition

at Animal History Museum. Live From Burbank!

"Any time an art show involves a life-sized rhinoceros, I think you're off to a good start. This one happens to be completely covered in 1000, one dollar bills. It's the contribution of Funny Zoo co-founder Bernard Scoffie, who also heads the French foundation 30 Millions d'Amis (30 Million Friends) an animal advocacy group started in 1976 by his family. Also contributing sculpture is Claudio Garzon, working in marine debris plastics, which call attention to the dangers of rising plastic levels in our oceans, and their threat to marine wildlife, like marine mammals, sea birds and sea turtles.

One thing the two sculptors, nine painters and one photographer all have in common is their enthusiasm and passion for animals. There will be a lot of large work exhibited with a lot of five and six foot pieces....and a lot of color. This is a contemporary show by local L.A.-based artists, and that flavor is distinct, with lively vibrancy and realism to pop and conceptual styles." Chuck Wolf, Fine Art Curator, The Wolf Fine Art.

A phenomenal group of top tier talent exhibiting include: 
Gared Luquet, Aimee Rolin Hoover, Theresa King Paden, Linzi Lynn, Alicia Rius, Melinda McLeod, Carol Heiman-Greene, Kim Kimbro, Krista Augius, Chris Saunders, Funny Zoo, and Claudio Garzon.

About Animal History Museum
The Animal History Museum announces that it will open doors later this Spring to a 5,300+ sq. ft. location at the Burbank Town Center in downtown Burbank, CA. 

"People throughout all civilizations have long understood that humans can and do form deep, meaningful relationships across species. For most of recorded history, that relationship has been marginalized. But that's changing." 

"...Like the way natural history museums explore fossils and science, we'll explore interactions and relationships," 

"We're thrilled that our very first exhibition is a collection of some of LA's best-known "animal" artists, curated by longtime L.A. fine art dealer, Charles Wolf."
Says Museum founder and Executive Director, Amy Breyer.

The Wolf Fine Art -L.A., fine art dealers in Los Angeles California.



The Wolf Fine Art, Los Angeles, California Launches on Amazon Fine Art.



11/6/2015                                                                                                                                shop here

The Wolf Fine Art

2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #226
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Contact: Chuck Wolf

Phone 310-890-5428



The Wolf Fine Art, Los Angeles, California Launches on Amazon Fine Art.


Collectors of The Wolf’s artists can now purchase from the world’s largest online marketplace.


Amazon Fine Art which is a couple of years old now limits the addition of new sellers in the Fine Art Store to ensure that customers are able to buy with confidence from all sellers on


Chuck Wolf, curator and private dealer has brought a handful of artists onto the Amazon Fine Art platform. Represented Artists include: Steven Hendrickson from Washington, Greg Hergert from Oregon, Lisa Elley from San Francisco, Brooke Harker, Jennifer Verge, and Christina Leta all from Los Angeles.


“Out of a much larger group of artists that we represent at The Wolf Fine Art, we are bringing a boutique group with approachable price points and decidedly West-coast-contemporary feel to the Amazon market place. Hergert and Hendrickson, both from the Pacific Northwest, are both twisted and imaginative, bordering on “underground”. Hergert will proudly wear the moniker of underground as well as “Lowbrow”. Both have price points in the hundreds.

More over, I just love their work.


A couple of emerging talents who also do micro-edition prints (100-250) with good online pricing ($90-$375) are Verge and Leta. Both have high quality originals as well, in the urban, pop, and contemporary categories.


Harker is more established, and is a super-busy L.A. talent. She works in really colorful mixed (Ink, acrylic and oil on canvas) media, doing coastal and cityscapes. She moves quickly in the real world, and I expect the same online. Again, affordably priced originals, with large sizes, which I think translate well for online sales. That is, if you like Brooke Harker’s work online, you will love it when it shows up in your Amazon shipment.


Lisa Elley, has these deliciously juicy oils, with thick impasto, all painted with loose Pallet Knife. The layers are so thick that you can see the substance, even online. She is known for her birch tree landscapes and central coast vineyards, and appeals to a traditional or transitional sensibility with bold splashes of color. She paints loosely and more importantly, fast, allowing her keep a low price point, for high quality work. Additionally she works on gallery wrapped canvas, with deep sides, which means no frame needed and ready to hang, which is perfect for the Amazon market.”


About Chuck Wolf.

Wolf is a private dealer in L.A. and represents a large stable of living artists from the U.S. He has owned four fine art galleries, and is a past President of the French Quarter Gallery Association in Charleston, SC. He volunteers as a Fine Art Curator for the Los Angeles Animal History Museum.


About Amazon Art.


 “Amazon Art gives galleries a way to bring their passion and expertise about the artists they represent to our millions of customers,” Peter Faricy, the company’s vice president for the Amazon Marketplace (~New York Times).


Link to The Wolf On Amazon

Link to The Wolf Fine Art, Los Angeles Fine Art Dealers




GRIT Exploring the Urban Cityscape 1.17.15

Curated by The Wolf Fine Art , Los Angeles




GRIT Exploring the Urban Cityscape

From the Underpasses and Alleyways to People and Places Familiar to L.A.


We see the city through the windshield…

GRIT is intent on allowing the viewer a longer look at the images that either pass us by, or that we consciously turn 
away from as we hope the light turns green soon. Ultimately aiding us in finding the beauty, the poetry, or the humanity in our daily life in L.A. 


Opening Reception: 
Saturday January 17th, 6 to 9 PM after Party 9-Midnight

On view through February 10th by chance or appointment

The Downtown Playground
1720 E. 14th Street, Los Angeles, California 90021

Paintings by

-Ricardo Garcia -Rency Punnoose 

-Matt Aston -Anyes Galleani -April Raber 

-Stephen Wright -Wayne Chang - Brooke Harker

Curated by The Wolf Fine Art , Los Angeles 310-890-5428

The Downtown Playground

Show Image "And the Urban River Kept Flowing" by Rency Punnoose 15x30 Oil on Panel

online detail!grit-...

Location: The Downtown Playground

Sponsored by Swiss Just L.A.

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