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Funny Zoo Los Angeles


Funny Zoo is a playful, colorful public art exhibit and cultural initiative that features numerous life-sized sculptures of wild animals. The movement is designed to promote awareness of biodiversity, as well as conservation of the Earth's endangered species and environment. 

Originally created in France, Funny Zoo soon spread to multiple European cities. Now, the unique parade is on its way to the United States in 2016 where it will dock on the beautiful coast of Southern California like an ark returning to land. 

Funny Zoo is brought to the United States by French Pacific Events, a marketing and event production company based in Malibu, CA, which develops cultural projects to benefit charities. The company's founders, Bernard Scoffié & Jean-Fabrice Brunel, have previously organized several large-scale public art events throughout the world.


You've got to check out Funny Zoo

"And the Urban River Kept Flowing"  by  Rency Punnoose  15x30 Oil on Panel


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