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- GRIT -

"And the Urban River Kept Flowing"  by  Rency Punnoose  15x30 Oil on Panel



Exploring the Urban Cityscape                                 1.17.15


From the Underpasses and Alleyways to People and Places Familiar to L.A.


We see the city through the windshield…


GRIT is intent on allowing the viewer a longer look at the images that either pass us by, or that we consciously turn away from as we hope the light turns green soon.


Ultimately aiding us in finding the beauty, the poetry, or the humanity in our daily life in L.A. 






Opening Reception: Saturday January  17th, 6 to 9 PM,  After Party 9-Midnight

On view through February 10th by chance or appointment


The Downtown Playground

1720 E. 14th Street, Los Angeles, California 90021


Paintings by



-Ricardo Garcia   -Rency Punnoose   -Matt Aston  -Brooke Harker


-Anyes Galleani   -April Raber   -Stephen Wright   -Wayne Chang



Curated by The Wolf Fine Art , Los Angeles 310-890-5428



Sponsored by

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