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I use the medium of watercolor to express complex emotions that represent my struggle as a young woman in America today.

Christina Leta          watercolors


Art has been an ever-present pillar in Christina Leta’s life, beginning in her formative years with a constant supply of materials provided by her mother, a talented sculptor and self-made artist.  Leta’s educational focus on fine art began in 2001 & guided her through high school and on into college, with the subject matter of reproducing the female figure prevailing throughout her artworks.  Christina began pursuing her degree in San Diego. Migrating north to reconnect with the cities of her childhood, in 2010 she received her Bachelors in Visual Art from a California State University in her hometown of Monterey.


In 2012 Christina relocated to Los Angeles to launch professionally as an artist.  Met with resounding support from the start of her career, Christina has had the opportunity to share her work through numerous galleries, events, & publications throughout California.  Her growing online & real world following has propelled her work to the international stage, most recently through a commissioned project for a women’s health organization in Australia, an event with proceeds to benefit women's charity.  Christina’s watercolors resonate on a very personal & intimate level, delving into human subconscious with a sense of mystery & impact unique to her style & alias: defectivebarbie.



Artists Statement:


Drawing inspiration from surrealism, mass media, the visceral technique of urban art, & personal life experiences I use the medium of watercolor to express complex emotions that represent my struggle as a young woman in America today.  Issues such as identity & depression shape the dissolving & disappearing portrayals of women in my paintings.  Contradiction is an important thematic tool, used to make challenging & painful concepts more palatable when juxtaposed with delicate & beautiful likenesses.


The preserved negative space in which each portrait is suspended is as important as the painted areas themselves. These vast blank spaces are intentionally used to further represent the emotions being portrayed, & to engage the viewer to fill in the blanks with the feelings each painting evokes from their own experience.  Struggle builds character & strength, despite innate tendencies to ignore or deny experiences like failure, it's important to put a face to these emotions and display them, not to hide aspects that define us if they are perceived as negative. 





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