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Bachelor of Arts

Auckland University

Lisa Elley        knife paintings

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA



I am a New Zealander born and bred, and like all Kiwis, am deeply and irrevocably connected to my homeland. I have lived in London and New York, met my husband (who is South African) in Thailand in 1999 and after 15 years in Florida, now live in San Francisco with my beautiful daughters who remind me every day with their laughter to appreciate every moment.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Auckland University and have always loved to draw and paint. However, life, work and travel absorbs time, so I didn't paint much until I was inspired to revisit my creative side in 2007. After the birth of my children I enrolled myself in an oil painting class under the tutelage of renowned New York artist Robert Gross. 

For years I carefully painted still lifes under the watchful eye of my mentor. Then late in 2011 I had an epiphany. I came across a painting rendered entirely with the painting knife, and was immediately transfixed by the sculptural quality of the piece. From that moment on, I found painting with the knife to be cathartic, natural and really really addictive! Sometimes I paint with bold, choppy strokes, using impasto (thick) paint and other times my style can be more detailed, refined and painterly, it depends on my subject matter. I like to paint nature, particularly trees, as well as cities, buildings and the places I have traveled. If it's interesting, I simply have to paint it and hopefully you like it. In our modern world of change and uncertainty, it gives me an amazing feeling of satisfaction to create something that people can enjoy.

Did I mention that I love not cleaning brushes?



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