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CJ Wild
los angeles, california

CJ Wild brings imaginative characters to life through bold color, raw emotions and a touch of humor.



Chaz Jay
los angeles, california

California based wildlife photographer Chaz Jay points his lens at life capturing images with a heart and reminding us of the natural beauty the surrounds us.



Justin Scott
la jolla, California

Justin Scott practices photography around the globe as a travel photographer, he captures his experiences in places, not simply the places themselves. Even locals get a different view of their own world through his well traveled eye. Taking the viewer new places with him. 

Letty Nowak
la jolla,

The Faces of Surfing is a series of paintings that artist, Letty Nowak is putting together of people from the surf community. The first paintings exhibited at Hurley in Costa Mesa, California on October 28th, 2011.

Kevin Harrison

Harrison is originally from Corning, NY currently painting in Dublin, via Barcelona, via Charleston, SC where he he made his mark with outrageous extreme shows, huge canvases, bold colors and twisted perspective.

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