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Original "Techno lover" Steampunk Erotica

44 inch tall 

Super-Sized Eddition.


by Rudolfo Bucacio

Eddition size 290


Year 1993

The woman is nickle silver the robot male in bronze

This Erotica piece was an original casting done by Rudolfo Bucacio of Germany.

The artist studied art and art education at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt, accompanied by studies in philosophy, psychology und history of arts. He is an international lecturer and professor in painting, sculpturing and artistic photography. Further studies at the art academy of Esslingen and at the technical school of Friedberg, including bronze casting and the interaction of design, colours and energy, aimed at bringing his sculpturing onto a higher level.


At the moment he is living and working in his studio in Germany.


Mainly found around Europe, there are smaller versions of the work cast to 12cm or 9" this supersize version is nearly four feet tall.


Other versions can be found without the cast shroud, which is removable and often lost. Revealing the Robot's anatomy.



The beer bottle is not included, and is here to show scale.


This piece is said to have been owned by Jenna Jamison and then a Hollywood Producer before being purchased by the curent owner at an estate sale.. 


Located in San Francisco, CA


Offered at $75,000.00

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