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 The Basement 



Where to start? 

There are a handful of galleries intrepid, or passionate, enough to showcase outsider or underground art.

A.) the audience is too small B.) the price points simply can not support the wall space costs.


We know all too well the curatorial dilemma of hanging an artist who disrupts the overall feel of an exhibition. The work is cool, and notable, well done, and even technically superior on some level, yet they are not welcome in group shows of "serious" art. If you are a producer of this type of work, don't feel bad. These are the artist that end up at Pixar and Dream Works, or some "institution".


This is not what we deliver to the grand mansions on the battery. Los Angeles is the home of Urban Art. 

Street Art has gone mainstream fetching records at Christies and Sothebys and the Pop Surrealist movement is one of the most popular genres around today. Outsider and Folk Art has been mainstream for a couple of decades or more. We're not sure we can categorize this body of work, and not sure we want or need to. But we are going to show as much of it as we can. 


As reputable dealers, we pride ourselves in representing archival works of fine art, beyond question. Although we are looking for the higher end of Lowbrow here, we don't necessarily require that in the basement. Here we may show experimental work, to refined styles in oil on canvas. 


The quote "Art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"  might be attributed to Cezar Cruz, Finley Dunne, or even to Banksy- nobody knows for sure. In The Basement we're just going to agree with the sentiment, and let you decide.



If you're an artist, and we invite you to the Basement, we hope you feel at home down here- we're excited to show your work. 


You'll know if we have just described your work or your style and we welcome your submissions. We look for talent, skill level, ingenious creativity, humor, originality and imagination, and yes, even fun. 


Work may be of an adult content, however we are not seeking or showing gratuitous sexuality or violence, nor work of a discriminatory nature. Production level must be high quality, and excellent-new condition. You must be the producer of the work, as no secondary market sales will be considered (try our brokerage services if you possess described works of merit).


          Submit work for review



                                                You're on your own from here... 











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