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Anyes Galleani




Anyes Galleani is an Italian-born, Los Angeles-based, visual artist who uses photo montage and collage to create unique images and mixed media art. Since the 90's, Anyes' evocative work has been complementing homes, offices and public venues and has been featured in a variety of magazines and exhibits.

Anyes came to California in the 80's to study film and photography and soon established herself as a photographer/art director for fashion and celebrity shoots. In the 90's, Anyes started working with photo montage, opening the door to an array of new opportunities, from gallery shows to video projects. Eventually, video became her medium of choice and for several years she focused on creating artistic and commercial videos.

Anyes rekindled her passion for photography in 2007 and began printing her work on metal, however, over the years, she kept looking for a more organic way to present her images, one that would transform each one of them into an unique art piece. Finally, in 2011, she started working with mixed media, incorporating silk and parchment prints of her photo montages into her paintings, receiving a welcome response from collectors, interior designers and corporate buyers.

In 2014 Anyes began creating abstract work using painted foil in lieu of her photo montages. The work is part of a series called "Beautiful Decay," currently showing at the Bustamante Gill Gallery In Culver City.

Group exhibitions from 1984-2014 include:

Bob Ore' Gallery-Beverly Hills, LA Art Seen-West Hollywood, Linus Gallery-Pasadena, Modern Art Etc. Gallery- Los Angeles, Bustamante Gill Gallery-Los Angeles, The Gabba Gallery-Los Angeles


2014 "Beautiful Decay" - Bustamante Gill Gallery, Culver City

2012-2013"Beautifully Broken" - Upper West, Santa Monica

2007 “Beyond Beauty” - Continental Gallery, Los Angeles and “Beyond Beauty II” -  Il Moro, West Los Angeles

2004-2006 "XPOSIV TV" monthly video showcases, Los Angeles

2001 “Sci-Arc Moves Downtown” - Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles

1993 “Have No Fear” - Xhibit Gallery, Silver Lake

1984 "Industrial" - Leather Design Mall, San Francisco

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