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“The Beauty is beckoning me and the Truth is compelling me, I have to paint.”  

Rency Punnoose     paintings



“I do not like painting images. I like to paint messages that have the form and color of images”.


I am deeply concerned with truth and beauty and as a result my works are too.


Sometimes I have to paint a simple landscape or seascape to achieve this and other times a figure , depending on the message in the image.


I like people and have interest in their issues, which leads me to compose Figurative paintings concerning the social issues and the truth about us as human.


On the other side I am very eager to communicate the idea of “Beauty”. I see it in a child’s face or in a sunlit landscape, in foggy shores and stormy waves.


It is in this hope that I create my works that they will speak and reveal to you more about you and me, and the nature and the world we live in, and by that you will be transcended to a different world and be touched by “the Majestic Truth and Beauty.


I paint and draw people from life and do a lot of  “On Location” studies of water bodies and landscapes as a discipline and exercise in which I observe and learn and explore. This is the backbone of my work and it enables me to invent a piece of ocean in the studio, or when I have to paint a portrait from photograph, to make it more life like.


I am a contemporary realist and oil paint is my primary medium. I use wet on wet technique, which gives me natural, and life like blending and I use Impasto technique for building textures with oil paint when and where it is appropriate.


I grew up in a beautiful village in south India, the Venice of the East, that is surrounded by spectacular water bodies which creates a wonderful and unique light effect in the atmosphere.  The beautiful light makes everything it falls on beautiful…the lush tropic with a tremendously big body of water collected behind the ocean, known as “backwaters” in the world tourist map, had made a majestic impression of beauty in my heart . The social set up of the village gave me the opportunity to see, interact and mingle with all kind of people in all kind of socio-economic classes. As a little kid I spent tons of time in the river right in front of my house and the surrounding paddy field …diving into the water, swimming, fishing, rowing boats, watching the reflections in the night, throwing rocks in the silence of night and listening to the musical response of water, flying kites and watching majestic sunsets in the wide open paddy field after the harvest, …..countless encounters with the wonder called Nature and Human.


“The Beauty is beckoning me and the Truth is compelling me, I have to paint.”  (Rency Punnoose)



Rency Punnoose was born in Kerala, India. He moved to the United States in 2008. He lives with his wife, son and daughter in Los Angeles and is active in the artist community. He serves as a Monthly Competition Chair of the Torrance Artists’ Guild. He is a member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association(LPAPA), the California Plein Air Painters Association, the El Segundo Art Association, the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS) and the Portrait Society of America ( PSoA).


Resume/Honors :

2014- Popular Choice Award, Paint Ventura Plein Air event, California.


2013-Bucks County Gallery 6″ x 6″ exhibit and sale, Pennsylvania.


2013-Second Place in Figurative/Portrait category  ESAA Fall Show.


2013-Third Place in Seascape/Landscape –  TAG Annual Art Show at the Toyota Museum.


2012-Runner up for the A Singular Creation Art Community Showdown contest “Four Seasons”.


2012-Third Place in Landscape Category – ESAA Spring Show.


2012-Honorable Mention in Torrance Historical Society Art Show , Torrance, California.


2012-ESAA – Spring Show El Segundo, California.


2012-Historical Society Art Show, Torrance, California.


2012-The Art Gallery at Colorado Mesa University, Colorado (4×6/6×4 Exhibit)


2012-TAG – 23rd Annual Art Show- Toyota Museum, Torrance, California.


2012-City Clark’s Office Show, Torrance, California.


2012-Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition The Show Room Gallery, Paso Robles, California.


2011-TAG – 22nd Annual Art Show- Toyota Museum, Torrance, California.


2011-Torrance Art Museum – Southbay Focus Show California.


2011-Art Show for Symphony Concert California.


2010-Columbia Park Show Torrance, California.

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