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Martijn de Boer

Dutch artist Martijn de Boer, born on June 17, 1971 in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, lives and works in Tilburg. He studied at the Academy for Visual Arts in Tilburg and at the Hogeschool voor Beeldende Kunsten [visual Arts] in Den Bosch.

Has been working as a visual artist since 1992

Martijn de Boer is a soloist visual artist and painter. With seemingly old-fashioned, if not bohemian-like nonchalance. He paints the recognizable, people and people's things and sometimes just the birds in the garden. He is not afraid of any craving for virtuosity.

His audience sometimes sighs "... cleverly painted say ...". However, this is not what it is about. He makes subtle twists by changing context within the work and beyond, or by a different way of painting, with or without references to other ideas than the random reality.

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