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Offered for sale is this unique collection of 135 Silver "Strikes". Acquired over a period of 23 years, the collection consists of a rare 3x Masterpiece Strikes, 3x Variation Strikes, 1x Prototype Strike, 18 Strikes with the limited 00001 serial engraving and 110 different $200 strikes- in the U.S. call The Wolf Fine Art Los Angeles 1.310.890.5428 Additional images included in link above.

I had never heard of these things before. They have not made them in several years, so individually they are rare, but this is an extensive collection which was amassed over a quarter of a century and no other like it exists in the world.

At first I was hesitant to broker the work thinking I didn't know enough gangsters to make the effort. When I say gangster, I mean a high roller with a handful of luxury European sports cars and enough swagger to bet more than the collection's three quarter million dollar value on one hand of black jack.

I believe the collection will go to a gambler for sure, and I'm betting will be paid for out of winnings from Vegas. Maybe a casino owner would like to show off a collection like this. They may have all the chips or strikes they ever want, but not even they will have a collection like this. This rarity and exclusivity compelled me to have a second look.

The collection is in the possession of the grandson of the original collector, who said he wanted his collection kept whole, and I don't blame him. It is really a historically significant collection with a compelling story to tell. I did some digging and took a closer look. There are levels of rarity among the collection, like special attributes of an already rare gem. I really got hooked on the beauty of the individual pieces. It is just outside of the realm of fine art, and I could easily take a pass on it, but I couldn't. Too many shiny objects for me. That is really what made it interesting for me; the fact that it could draw me in, and be that captivating.


Once you drill down into the pieces and find yourself examining the edges-- where no less than 18 of the 135 pieces carry an engraved 0001 serial number, and being entertained by the front's ornamental value and the back's historic value, and the overall sense of pleasure and pure fun, fun with a knowing wink, like a secret handshake welcoming you to the exclusive winner's club- you might get the same feeling of excitement that is hard to let go of too.

Add to that the fact that the entire collection is pure silver and there is an actual material value of several serious thousands of dollars of precious metal and it takes on a really magical quality. So I am thrilled to get the chance to work with it. I have done some due diligence on it and it is still going to require a collector to fly out and see it in person, but I am taking inquiries from serious collectors. For those simply curious or academically interested, I am happy to provide more detail and images too, I really encourage you to take a look, you have not seen anything like this before and probably never will again.

From The Wolf Fine Art, our services will include assistance with custom display of the collection with museum quality encasement and protection. Or you can just line the bottom of your aquarium in FU-bling. Depends what type of gangster you are.

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